Disenio Gorme for The Heritage Collective

Pambansang Hoodie

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Barong-inspired Hoodie by Disenio Gorme


What's the meaning behind the design?

The Anahaw and Carabao are associated to farmers, belonging to the class that brings food to our tables, and builds our homes; The Barong was something only worn regularly by those in power, from the higher echelons of society who made the laws.

So we unite these ideas. We lift up these rural symbols to the level of the Barong to represent the power the masses have.

Looking forward, the Carabaos in the design are meant to symbolize the strength and perseverance Filipinos exert in pursuing their goals. The Anahaw symbolizes the eventual victory, the good fruits of the labor, and the gold medal in the end of the competition.

This is our barong. This is the Pambansang Hoodie. The image of the Filipino people.