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Mutya Earrings by WITCHCRAFT

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Beads on felt enclosed in stainless cabochon hook earrings.

The cabochon tray's diameter is 12mm. The earrings are 23mm long. The beads were sewn with strong transparent nylon fishing line for durability.

We don't repeat designs so every pair is unique!


The word "mutya" is used in 33 languages in the Philippines, from Batanes to Sulu. It has a wide range of meanings, such as a pearl, gem or jewel; a unique or special item; or a beloved object or person. It can even refer to a beauty queen (as in "Mutya ng Pilipinas").

But one notable meaning of "mutya" links it to the word "anting-anting". Anting-anting are charms or amulets from nature possessing supernatural force or power that can grant a person good health, prosperity, and protection. A mutya is a type of anting-anting that is powerful but very hard to find. This connects mutya to the supernatural, to rare and unusual phenomena springing from nature, which has undeniable linkage to pre-colonial Filipino's animistic beliefs.

Our collection of Mutya Earrings is inpired by this latter concept. We hope you enjoy wearing these dainty handmade ornaments with unusual organic forms, as much as we enjoyed making them!

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