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Brewing and Coping by The Den Coffee and Contemporary Culture

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Brewing and Coping

Coffee & Coping with Gab and Maine of The Den Coffee and Contemporary Culture During the pandemic and the lockdowns in Metro Manila, we have lost the shared experience of us brewing coffee at the bar for you while talking and sharing tips about the process. As we have transitioned to brewing at home, we want to help turn your daily brewing ritual into a moment of joy and reflection that’s just for you. Gab and Maine plus some of our friends share their rituals while brewing coffee at home in the pandemic. You may access the public free-for-all talk here 

About the Den
The Den, located in the historic Escolta Street in Manila, is a space where Philippine coffee and contemporary culture intersect through programming that explores art, design, music, lifestyle, emerging communities, and new ideas. Maine finds brewing a cup of coffee the fulfillment of the shared work and stories of a community involved from bean to the lips of a customer. She heads the team at The Den and, on her off time, embroiders, plays a jazz record, and tends to her plants. Gab is a multi-hyphenate involved in varied projects, spaces, and passions in-and-outside the neighborhood—the common denominator to all that he juggles is bringing together people. He heads The Den currently with the mission of making the intersection of culture and coffee a third space.

About the Makerspace Virtual Program
The Makerspace Virtual Programming is a series of online talks and workshops aiming to spark connection despite this physical disconnect. The first iteration of the program was supported by the British Council Philippines.