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Chesnut Hill Candle Company

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-Evergreen, Cedar, Eucalyptus and Spearmint make up this woody but fresh fragrance.

-Create a wonderland in your room, full of fresh and woody tones of cedar wood, eucalyptus and mint.

-Scented candle in glass with two wicks, made of soy wax.  

-Burning time approximately 70 h

-Net weight: 284 g  

-Made in the USA

-Store in a dark place at a temperature of up to 20 degrees

-For the best effect and complete burning of the candle, always let the wax pond dissolve over the entire surface.

-Place on a non-flammable pad

-Avoid contact with flammable material

-Keep out of reach of children and animals

-Do not extinguish by closing the lid

-Attention! The container is hot after ignition!