Quick Update and Pasasalamat


2020 has been a trying year.

The pandemic has greatly impacted the economic, political and social climate of the country. A lot of old and new establishments, especially small businesses, have closed due to the uncertainty that lies ahead. Amid the difficulties and slow adjustment period, the HUB Make Lab is beyond fortunate to still be able to open its doors for artists, makers, and everyone passionate about art, cultural programming, community activation, and creative sustainability. We just want to extend our gratitude to the community this space has cultivated through the years. 

First and foremost, our First United Building / HUB Make Lab Mother and Father, Lorraine and Robert, for taking a chance on creatives and graciously taking care of us to this day; First United Building Administration Team Ate Marites, Kuya Benny, Ate Eden for making sure everything’s in order; FUB and HUB watch men Kuya Rev, Kuya Enteng and Kuya Bullo for always looking out for the HUB; the best (and only) HUB shopkeeper Ate Melyn for earnestly selling our products; The Den darling and former HUB Make Lab Manager Gabs for the invaluable guidance and nudge; 98B COLLABoratory femme fatales Kathy, Christine, Juno and Gatch for their astonishing artistic expertise; current HUB Make Lab manager mommas Eliz & Celine for rising to the occasion to lead and carry the torch of HUB Make Lab's cultural work; and to everyone that has visited, bought from, collaborated with us, thank you for the unwavering support through the years.