About Makerspace Virtual Programming

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Makerspace Virtual Programming is a series of online talks and workshops aiming to spark connection despite the current physical disconnect. The pandemic brought about staggering changes to the economic, political and social climate of  the country—wherein most spaces, including Creative Hubs, were put to a halt, resulting with businesses and activities rendered inaccessible or inoperative, we need to adapt to stay afloat.

For years, HUB Make Lab as a geographic space served as the main avenue to convene, connect and  engage with our community. Artist and maker-led initiatives supported livelihoods of artists and  creative enterprises. Mounting creative markets & events helped with the cultural revitalization  of our neighborhood, Manila’s Queen of the streets: Escolta.

In order to continue the great advances and work in our communities - both geographic and  shared disciplines - we’re looking to pivot to the “new normal” by migrating our programs and operations online.

The activities are facilitated by makers, crafters, and artists from the HUB: Make Lab, aiming to share disciplines from their creative work and reconnect with the community until it is safe for us to engage with each other again.

The development of this program is made possible with the support of the British Council via their Hacking the Creative Hub Leader's Toolkit Grant. For live programming, a small fee will be charged to participants, at cost, to cover materials and facilitation needed for the workshops.