Maker Profile


Kahilom in Bisaya translates to "silence, stillness, and tranquility". We wanted our store to be a respite of sorts in the heart of Manila; offering alternative, meaningful products sourced or crafted locally. Our brand hopes to return value back to makers and our relationship to consumers. Bianca is the owner and designer behind Re Clothing and Loaf PH, both of which are part of Kahilom. She advocates Philippine sustainable fashion through affordable clothing and apparel with a handmade touch.

Foundation Year
: 2018
Products/Offerings: Deadstock-fabric clothing, ceramics, water hyacinth crafts, upcycled decor & accessories
Brand Partners & Consignments: Balay Pahulay | Indayog | Kultura Kaved | Manibalang | Muli | Plural & Co. | Re/Loaf Studios
Instagram: @kahilom