Maker Profile

A gentleman should be able to get a great haircut and impeccable grooming services anywhere in the city. This commonsensible idea was what compelled Brian Corella, Paul Aniceto, Icko Lacandazo, Kevin Gabon, and John Paul Vejano to put up a barbershop bent on delivering good pampering experience in Escolta—an area that used to be known more for its history rather than modern-day comforts and services.

The group named their barbershop Folk 1006, derived from “folk,” which means common people, and “1006,” the area code of the Binondo district where Escolta is located. In short, it refers to the “people of Escolta.” From Folk 1006, it now evolved into Folk Barbershop and Retail.

Foundation Year:  2017
Products/Offerings: Modern and traditional quality haircuts in Manila, alternative men’s grooming, hair care and hair styling products, styling & usage
Instagram & Facebook : @folkbarbers, @themaverickph
Consignment Partners: The Maverick Ph | Ninong Pomade