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'Kariton' is a Tagalog word which  means pushcart. Back home, a kariton is a  very useful mode of transporting goods. The common thing people put in a kariton are  those things for recycling (or junk). Their items fit perfectly well with  'junk'. Although, it is the kind of junk that's clean and usable. Saving the world, one  notebook at a time. Seb De Jesus: Seb is the co-founder and artist behind 1372 Designs. He studied engineering in college and had a keen interest in computer technology, but he has been drawing since childhood, influenced by his love of comics and science-fiction shows. He has always been tinkering with paper ever since a classmate commissioned him to do a paper project (his classmate’s project assignment).

Foundation Year: 2011
Products/Offerings: Sustainable crafts and stationery products from re- & up-cycled paper
Facebook @1372designs 
Brand Partners & Consignments: Manila Grow Kits | Kagitingan Project | Aizel Arts