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Makerspace Virtual Programming

Makerspace Virtual Programming is a series of online talks and workshops aiming to spark connection despite the physical disconnect.

The development of this program is made possible with the support of the British Council via their Hacking the Creative Hub Leader's Toolkit Grant.

The workshops will be facilitated by makers, crafters, and artists from the HUB: Make Lab, aiming to share disciplines from their creative work and reconnect with the community until it is safe for us to engage with each other again.

A small fee will be charged to participants, at cost, to cover materials and facilitation needed for the workshops.

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Online Maker Shops

Each shop Maker stocks a variety of unique crafts, artwork, limited edition merchandise, upcycled clothes and accessories, independent clothing labels, DIY wares, vintage goods, refurbished antiques, etc. 

We're dedicated to supporting local goods and craftspeople and to providing personal, more sustainable alternatives to mass produced items. Feel free to ask us about our products and practices!

Makerspace Virtual Programming


1372 Designs

98B Shop


Bahay Bahayan


The Heritage Collective

What is the HUB Make Lab?

HUB Make Lab is an artist and maker-led experiment in cultural programming, community activation, and creative sustainability supported by the First United Building.

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First United Building
413 Escolta St, Barangay 291, Binondo District, Manila, 1006 Philippines

Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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